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We know you want to learn from the best resources, that's why we created MedNotes. Our notes are designed by Top Medicos and the best in terms of quality and time.

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MedNotes are standard and easy to learn. Covering every topic of First & Second Medical Year. Learn with ease from any platform.

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MedNotes has been created for Medical Students. The contents and notes on our website and app are standard in terms of quality and time. We are adding and updating contents every single day. The best part is everything on our website and app, is absolutely free!

  • MedNotes [ 2000+ ]
  • Disorders [ 100+ ]
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We have included First, Second, Third and Fourth Year MBBS Notes on the website and Mednotes app. We have also included a separate Disease Section. If you are a Medical Student, you have to try MedNotes

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