Yash Pathak

Founder of MedNotes



Medical Student [MBBS] & Developer.

Life Path


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery [MBBS]

Nalanda Medical College, Patna, Bihar

Senior Secondary

Passed with 90%


CGPA - 10

South Point Public School, Muzaffarpur Bihar

Professional Work

Founder of MedNotes

2020 - Present

  • MedNotes has been created for and by Medical Students. The contents and notes on our website and app are standard in terms of quality and time.
  • We are adding and updating contents every single day. The best part is everything here, is absolutely free! All the notes, practicals, diagrams, books etc, all are free and are available for download/ sharing at any time, anywhere and will remain like this forever.
  • Right now, we have Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Neuroanatomy, Embryology, Pathology & Pharmacology Notes available on the website and Mednotes app too. We have also included a Disease Section.

Developing MedNotes App & Website

2020 - Present

MedNotes App is for all First Year Medical Students out there.

  • MedNotes [ 1250+ ]
  • MedBooks [ 500+ ]
  • Question papers [ 100+ ]
  • Histology Slide [ 100+ ]
  • Practicals [ 50+ ]
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Licenses & Certifications

Introduction to Breast Cancer


Credential ID 5ATS8UE9FCHC

Fundamentals of Immunology: Innate Immunity and B-Cell Function - Coursera


Credential ID 68NSYXQPPL3S

The Science of Stem Cells - Coursera


Credential ID X67EFMW2RE2Z

Understanding the Brain : The Neurobiology of Everyday Life - Coursera


Credential ID BXK4J395EL8K

Introduction to Reproduction - Coursera


Credential ID L3HCARLX7Y9U

Flutter & Dart : Complete Guide [ 2020 ] - Udemy

2020 - 2021

MedNotes Journey

MedNotes started with a simple concept of providing basic Notes and Materials to all Medical Students & now Medicos are loving it.

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MedNotes Reviews

I have a very great experience on this app. I recommend to all 1st year medical students to join this app. It works perfectly the notes which they provide is 100% worth it. Students never regret after join. Mednotes a very big thank-you for making our Study easier. And mainly I wanted to mention that this app is free of cost.

Vrushali Chitkamble

First Year Medical Student

Extremely helpful. I like the notes and the way everything is there on the MedNotes app too.

Sakshi Mishra

Second Year Medical Student

I have my first proffs in like 15 days, I always make notes while studying for exams but lockdown had me mile and miles away from academics so didn't really do it. Now, I'm very particular about the notes I study from, there's a certain organisation, look and feel without which I just can't study. Mednotes came in as my saviour. Gonna recommend this to all my juniors

Shruti Singh Baghel

Second Year Medical Student

This ain't real, I can't believe how good it is.Offering 1st year notes completely free and to in such an amazing format which is fun to read and learn.More notes and material is also available on their website for very reasonable and affordable price. Only the important points are mentioned just like a toppers class notes. Too good to be real.

Tabrez Quraishi

First Year Medical Student

I love it so much! Especially for students who are preparing to enter med schools, it help me practice my mind, it is in very good handwriting. Thank you for creating this wonderful app, it really is helpful! I would highly recommend this to other students who are taking med course as well.

Ruby Hartz

First Year Medical Student

I LOVE this app. Very useful and helpful. I highly recommend to those who are interested in studying medicine or just learning about how the body works. I would love to see more updates on more diseases and maybe add a quiz section after each topic or chapter. Edit: These updates just keep getting better and better.

Jason Kalfabun

Second Year Medical Student

Its literally the best app for med students.I love it. ❤ best app ever. I would have given 10 stars if there would be. Its has notes , question papers etc.

Hepsiba Monica N

First Year Medical Student

Being a dental (BDS) first year student I was a bit confused as if I will be benefitted with this or not because although MBBS and BDS have same subjects in the first year we have 3 extra dental subjects too And what more was that we only need to study about the head neck brain and neuroanatomy in general human anatomy But dang! THIS APP HELPED ME A LOT. VERY EASY NOTES AND DIAGRAMS. Loved it ❣️

Navya Gupta

Second Year Medical Student

This app is literally the reason why I'm able to score in anatomy and physiology. Bless the team😭😭for saving me the time and efforts of making such beautiful notes myself. I can't thank y'all enough 🤣for getting me out of those last minute surprise tests.

Anmol Chauhan

First Year Medical Student



Patna, Bihar, India